Bergman Culinary Concepts - Mission statement - Define targeted goals for a company's growth, formulate concepts and programs to aid in achieving those goals, and work to complete those goals with expected final results.

= Jeffrey Bergman background in food =

I know food. My cumulative experience ranges from product development and distribution to retail merchandising and consumer education. I spent seven years as the food manager at Pasta & Co, which entailed developing consumer-friendly upscale convenience products and overseeing three kitchens. Then, for eleven years, I was the director of specialty foods and product development at Larry's Markets, where I was responsible for ensuring the success of countless items through targeted merchandising. During the dot-com boom, enlisted me to serve as the vice president of education and product purchasing, immersing me in the intricacies of connecting with customers through an online venue. Subsequently, I worked for Crown Pacific and gained first-hand experience in shepherding products through what can be a complex distribution network. Perhaps what I enjoy most is cooking. As a trained chef and connoisseur of specialty foods, I find that I'm happiest in the kitchen watching friends and family communing with one another over a meal I've prepared.

Bergman Culinary Concepts will customize a program to target specific goals your product needs. Please contact Jeffrey Bergman for a consultation.

Jeffrey Bergman, Principal
Bergman Culinary Concepts

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References readily available upon request.

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